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In The News: The Mobile TV Studio on Location 

The Mobile TV Studio is designed for weather-proof live TV production. Talent and two cameras can sit comfortably inside with panoramic views. There's a green screen just in case you want a custom look, plus white or black backdrops. The Mobile TV Studio can easily be positioned on your desired location to provide the background look you desire.

Mobile TV Studio Truck

mini-Mobile TV Truck

Mobile TV Studio Trailer

mini-Mobile TV Trailer

Mobile TV Studio Stage

Live TV Production

Mobile TV Studio Oral History

Corporate / Educational

The mini-Mobile TV Studio Truck is the all-in-one solution to live tv on location. For more info

Our mini-Mobile TV Trailer can easily fit into any area you need to broadcast from. For more info

Our mission is to keep talent and crew in comfort while keeping the show rolling with ease.
See The Mobile Studio in action

Corporations and colleges have found the Mobile TV Studio perfect for events and oral histories.

For more info

Messy Production - Mobile TV Studio
Say Goodbye to Messy and Potentially Dangerous Field Production

If you've ever worked in remote live tv, you know to expect the unexpected. Our Mobile TV Studios take away the unpleasant surprises: wind gusts, hot or cold extremes, sound distractions and the always annoying looky-loos. In the unpredictable pursuit of live TV perfection, The Mobile TV Studios are a climate controlled oasis.

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